what are the chances 
that you are just living
to pay the bills

what are the chances 
that you keep making
excuses that turn into

are you setting up the jumps 
for yourself
do you allow 
the world to make the course


The past can punch you when you least expect it

Some blue days can turn into blue months and blue years.
That can be all right. 
As long as you can see that colors can change.
People change. People grow and bend and sometimes they break.
You can only heal yourself, though.
You can love someone deeply and truly and madly and they will never change.
I think the trick is to love yourself that way.
You will change.
Mourn the loss of your former self and move on.



Everything you have done in your life has gotten you to where you are in this moment.
Some moments are better than others. I am not sure if I believe in fate because of the buildup of consequence. How can fate play a role when you lay the plans out yourself?


Blue Days

Depression is real. It's nasty and I do not like it.
It is - however- part of my journey as is anxiety.
I am not 'bipolar'.
I am not a 'major depressive'.
I do still have episodes of panic and my troubles with 
Orienteering have gotten worse.
'They' have no idea what I am.
I know that Yoga saved my life. If I had not 
Pushed through and gotten my certification -- 
I may have given up on what it had to offer.
Every day I am reminded of what I can do to try
To help others with their struggles.
One of my hopes is that I can understand what
Some people go through.
These struggles of life are not isolated.
I do not think I would be the teacher I am now if
It were not for the struggles endured along
The way.


Doing something

If someone needs something- give it to them if you can spare it. 
I am tired of only hearing folks saying, 'I'll pray for you".
Sure. Pray. Also:DO SOMETHING. 
At some point in your life --  you may need actual help as well.
Give the world your talents. I sincerely believe that is the kiln they are fired in.


Round and round

can someone explain to me when life becomes predictable?
Every day becomes so much similar to the preceding day that the only
Separation is madness.


I am accepting students for August.  I still work on a sliding scale, so that my rates are affordable within personal attention guidelines.

I have decided over the past two years that privates are the best solution I can offer.